August 2001


Articles By
David R. Currie,
Executive Director

Ain't It a Shame
Unhealthy Guilt and Religious Fundamentalism
by Timothy L. Boschen, D. Min.
Fundamentalist movements in American Protestantism in the 20th century have found the need for rule-bound rigidity, religious purification and the all-sufficiency of a perceived source of orthodox authority, an inerrant application of the Holy Bible.
As a lifelong Baptist and president and chancellor of an institution that was targeted from the inception of this unholy crusade, I have been passionate in my opposition to the forces that have ruthlessly torn the Southern Baptist Convention apart.
I read with interest the comments from church history about the distinctives that make us Baptists. Writers mention freedom of conscience and religion, soul competency, priesthood of the believer, believer's baptism and church autonomy.
My experience serving on the Missions Study Committee for the Baptist General Convention of Texas was an incredible moment of inspiration.

Dear Fellow Christians, This is the most difficult piece of writing I have ever done. Difficult because it is heart breaking to me, to my loved ones, and to my family of faith in my local Southern Baptist church.

ENFIELD - Mildred Middleton knows the frustration of women being treated as second-class members in church. She experienced it while participating in a Wednesday night Bible study about nine years ago at what was then her church.

Are Baptist churches teaching heresy in Sunday School?The question is disturbing, however, it is one that needs to be dealt with.

Many pastors are hearing this question lately because of the current events in Baptist life.   I am asked, "Are we SBC, CBF, BGCT, SBTC, TBC, or LMNOPQRSTUV? I feel so confused!"
During its long and painstaking study of the work of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, the Mission Sending Agency Study Committee of the Baptist General Convention of Texas found six areas of "crucial concern regarding the present work and direction" of the IMB.
RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--A Southern Baptist International Mission Board regional leader stepped down from his position May 21 after declining to sign a document affirming the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in June 2000. His resignation will not affect his status as a missionary.

Context is crucial. Context is crucial whether it is interpreting the Bible, reading a news story or hearing a sermon. People can misinterpret statements when they take them out of context.

Some questions about the fundamentalists and answers that came through meditation:
By Bennett F. Hall

1. What about the fundamentalists? Answer: Transcend them - they are on the lowest rung of the ladder. They will destroy themselves with their own negatives.

1. Authority. The SBC exhibits a top-down chain of command. In the church, the pastor is the absolute ruler.

Thoughts on Southwestern
By Guy Greenfield
I just got back from a month-long trip to Europe and found the article of May 7 regarding the two Southwestern professors being pushed out. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by both anger and grief.


“Let us move beyond the Baptist battles by being Baptist together, for the sake of a world desperate for the hope of the gospel.

For the sake of those who are where I was, waiting for the good news of God’s love.

We can end the Baptist battles in Texas by being
Texas Baptists.”

Jim Denison,
Pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church

Statement by

Incoming SBTC President, Rudy Hernandez

For Your Information

The BGCT has upgraded the adult materials to
respond to the needs of Texas churches. Changes
initiated are as follows:

• The Bible passage is printed in the Study
Guide (pupil item)
• Bible background materials have been added
to the Teaching Guide and
• A Large Print Study Guide is available.

BGCT Bible Study
Curriculum Update

The BGCT will produce
18 new curriculum products for use in churches in the fall of 2002. Watch for the first showing of these items at the annual meeting of the BGCT in Dallas, October 29-30.

Copies will be available
around March 15, 2002.
These new products will
be usable for churches in
Texas and beyond Texas.

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