October 1998


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David R. Currie,
Executive Director

A Matter of Perspective:  What is Our Agenda?

Constitutional Amendment To Be Key Vote

Baptist Polity Revisited

For many years there was a strong desire among Texas Baptists to unite the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Baptist Missionary Association.
Pastor Calls for Fairness
By: Ellis Orosco
As a pastor, I am tentatively excited about the reconciliation movement among our church leaders. It is something I have prayed for ever since my Seminary days. I only pray that the movement stays focused on spiritual reconciliation.
Like so many Baptists across Texas, I have desired reconciliation among Texas Baptists. That is why I attended the Reconciliation Convocation at FBC Carrollton on September 25.
As this year's Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting draws closer, (Houston, November 9-10, 1998), I want to remind our readers of just how well things are going in the BGCT. The BGCT is truly a healthy convention.
The Figure of Our Future
By: Rudy Sanchez

My imagination runs at full-speed ahead when I begin thinking of our great host of young men and young women that are the future in ministry. Their goal is "to serve the Lord with gladness." They seem so anxiously ready that they show a holy impatience.

Russell H. Dilday, former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Jaclanel McFarland, a laywoman from South Main Baptist church, Houston; and Ed Hogan, pastor of Jersey Village Church, Houston; will be nominated as officers of the Baptist General Convention of Texas at the annual convention in Houston, November 9-10, 1998.

Schedule of Meetings at BGCT

Baylor: Reception, 9-11 pm, Monday, Four Seasons

Dallas Baptist: Ice cream party, 9-11:30 pm, Monday, 303A*

Hardin-Simmons: Dinner, 5-7:30 pm, Monday, 310 A-B*

Houston Baptist: Reception, 9m p, Monday 303B*

Howard Payne: Dinner, 5:30 pm, Monday, 309 A-D*

Mary Hardin Baylor: Dinner, 5:15 pm, Monday, 303 A-B*

Southwestern Seminary: Dinner, 5:15-7 pm, Monday, 305 A-F*

Truett Seminary: Dinner, 5:30 pm, Monday, Bush Ballroom

Wayland: Dinner, 5 pm, Monday, 308 A-D*

*Rooms are at the Convention Center

TBC Continues to Ask for Fairness and Respect
"This is why we are advocating a middle position. Respect every local church's right to give mission gifts as they choose. Cooperate when you agree and respect each other where there is disagreement. Respect each church's and each individual's freedom to choose the SBC, CBF, or both... And above all, keep including everyone in Texas Baptist life who is willing to cooperate."


Dilday calls on Baptist Pride
By Dan Martin,
Texas Baptist Communications

As BGCT president, Dilday has been asked whether the Texas Baptist convention “is divorcing the Southern Baptist Convention,” he noted. “I replied, ‘Oh, my goodness, no. We have never been married.’

Peace Committee’s Documents show SBC Struggle
records released in June after being under seal for 11 years

by R.G. Puckett

Respect and Cooperation
By Bill Bruster

Editor’s Note: This is a column from a 1993 TBC newsletter. It is one of many articles to appear in the past few years with similar themes of respect, cooperation and fairness.

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