TBC Newsletter - Contents
March 2006
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CONTENTS - March 2006


A Letter from Bill Brian

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: Remembering and Preserving
by David R. Currie

A Tribute to My Friend, Phil Strickland
by David R. Currie

Baptist Missions Suffering Under NAMB's Leadership, report says
by Greg Warner

BGCT Disburses Staff Members Across Texas
by John Hall

Borrowing a Prophetic Voice to Find Our Own
by John Petty

Christian Life Commission: Summer Public Policy Institute

Ethics Pioneer Foy Valentine Dies Suddenly in Dallas
by Greg Warner and Marv Knox

Eulogy for Phil Strickland: A Partner with Christ
by David R. Currie

IMB Trustees Tried Power of Press to Silence Dissent, Burleson Says
by Greg Warner

In Memory of Foy and Phil
by David R. Currie

Looking for Some Baptists
by C. Welton Gaddy

Remembrances of a Friend: Foy Dan Valentine
by David Sapp

Securing Religious Liberty for Our Children and Grandchildren

Serving Texas Baptists Committed
by Albert Reyes

Strickland Provided Voice for Poor, Powerless
by Ken Camp

Where Are We Headed?
by Michael Bell

Where Have All the Prophets Gone?
by Phil Strickland

Why I Am a Member of TBC
by Bill Tillman