October 1996


I have been invited to the Baptist General Convention of Texas November 11–12. I received my invitation in the mail form a group called Southern Baptists of Texas.
I want to respond to what I think are obviously misleading and inaccurate statements made by Rick Scarborough and sometimes by two vice-presidential candidates when they spoke at a rally at First Baptist Church, Pearland, September 19th.
In this issue you will find information on why Texas Baptists Committed enthusiastically endorses and supports Dr. Charles Wade for another term as BGCT president.
Texas Baptists, as we focus on Texas 2000, let me suggest three things we can do to demonstrate our stewardship.
The Messenger Seating Study Committee, mandated by 1995 Convention action, was appointed by the Executive Board Chairman, Dr. Bob Campbell.
Rick Scarborough’s Enough is Enough, published by Jerry Falwell’s Liberty Press, is a work dedicated to promoting theocracy over traditional church/state views.
Rick Scarborough, fundamentalist candidate for president of the BGCT, was scheduled to speak in chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on November 1, ten days prior to the BGCT annual meeting.
Stewardship of time and resources is very important in the Christian life because we are limited in both areas.


On inclusion of “moderates” in Southern Baptist fellowship: “If you mean by ‘moderates’ someone who does not hold
to the inerrancy of the Scripture and principles of Scripture, the word would be the same to them that I would share
with anybody, and that would be to repent and to understand that the Scripture contains the absolutes of God…

Southern Baptists have very clearly said, ‘This is what we believe. This is where we stand. We are a Word-driven denomination with a mandate from Christ to reach people with the gospel.’”



Vote for These BGCT Leaders: Wade, Griffin, and Kolb

Charles Wade, pastor of First Baptist Church, Arlington;

Marvin Griffin, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Austin;and

Jim Kolb, layman from Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler; will be nominated as officers of the Baptist General Convention of Texas
at the annual convention in Ft. Worth, Nov. 11–12, 1996.


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