September 2000


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By Dean Dickens

In reading that Dr. Keith Parks had agreed to share with a Missouri group his insight and experience about the SBC changes, I was both surprised and appreciative.
An Open Letter To Texas Baptists
By Officers of the BGCT

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, These are exciting days for Texas Baptists. Our state's population is projected to reach 23 million within the next ten years, and Texas continues to grow increasingly multi-ethnic, urban and unchurched.

By Robert Parham
The Baptist Press story about Al Shackleford's death in a car accident gave two short sentences to the emotional events surrounding his termination 10 years ago by the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee.
It was Paul's position that the way of grace and the way of law were mutually exclusive.
Beware Coercion Replacing Cooperation
by Charles C. McLaughlin
As a pastor for nearly 15 years, I cooperated with several associations in both rural and city settings.
DALLAS - A Texas Baptist committee studying theological education will recommend that the Baptist General Convention of Texas dramatically change the way it funds Southern Baptist Convention and BGCT seminaries.
I am honored to be one of the three co-chairs of Texas Baptists Committed.
I'm not a Texan. I've been a Baptist pastor for 50+ years, but I've never even preached a sermon in Texas. But I am a strong supporter of Texas Baptists Committed.
Last week, I set forth the concerns I have about the new Baptist Faith & Message being used as a creed to control and manage the thinking of Baptists.
Phil Lineberger, pastor of Williams Trace Baptist Church in Sugarland, Texas, will be the speaker for the twelfth annual Texas Baptists Committed breakfast.
Political Power and Payoffs
By Forrest Newton
Shrewd politicians and power-hungry people know: political power does not require a majority vote. Democratic organizations are especially vulnerable to takeovers.
No one was more surprised than I to find my young pastor's remarks the focus of attention in June at the Southern Baptist Convention, which met in Orlando.
North Carolina Baptist churches are responding in various ways to revisions to the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M).
Those who support the BGCT should come to the annual meeting of the BGCT, October 30-31, in Corpus Christi to express their support of the theological education study committee's recommendations.
DALLAS (ABP) Texas Baptists last year gave three-and-a-half times more funds to the Southern Baptist Convention-owned Southern Baptist Theological Seminary than to their own George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University.
In recent years, much has been said and written about the Baptist Faith & Message and the recent changes made in that historical, confessional document. Little has been said about Baptist faith & practice. What we do overshadows what we say.
"When a Christian sins, God has four steps he can take that person through, Rogers said:
By Becky Matheny
As I have taken on this new responsibility, many people have asked, "why do we need another Baptist organization in Georgia?" I have three responses:
This has been a wonderful weekend. Following the remarkable addresses we've heard, I feel a bit like the flea in the Russian parable who rode into town on the nose of the ox and proclaimed, "We've been plowing." Said another way, I feel like a lion in a den of Daniels.


"Focus on Jesus" rallies

More than 15 churches across Texas will host "Focus on Jesus" rallies that are sponsored by Texas Baptists Committed.

Rallies will promote the vital ministries of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. They will consider how Baptists, before 1979, kept their focus on Jesus, how can churches cooperate with others now to keep the focus on Jesus and what this focus can mean to our future and the Baptist witness in America.

A variety of Texas Baptist speakers will be featured. Watch your mail for rally dates and times or check our web site at Please come and bring friends to rallies in your area!

What’s Behind Baptist Press’ ‘Lack of Objectivity’?
By Robert Parham

In 1994, the SBC’s Executive Committee held a seminar for conservative Southern Baptist reporters, where Olasky taught his concept of Bible-based journalism.

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