April 2003


Baptist Untouchables
By Charles W. Deweese
Why does the Southern Baptist Convention treat the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship with total contempt?
BWA Funds to be Withdrawn
By Alan D. Stanford
Marketing itself is something new for the BWA, which has relied on its member body contributions supplemented by word of mouth donations from friends.
During its Feb. 20-22 meeting, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s 50-member Coordinating Council ratified a historic, new partnership agreement with the Hispanic Baptist Theological School ...
Baptists need to engage in more conversations and fewer debates, one of the most quoted experts on American religion said in Charleston last weekend.
We wanted to make you aware of our continued concern and opposition to this legislation.
“Lousy Trade”
by Rev. W. Allen Thomason
You have probably heard the account of the Native Americans selling the island of Manhattan to the white man for a string of shells and beads.
Mahatma Gandhi would be disappointed — and troubled — by the growing religious intolerance here in America and around the world.
The Mainstream Baptist Network’s Hall of Fame inducted two Texas Baptists— Charles Wade and Phil Strickland—at the MBN’s second national convocation in February in Birmingham, Ala.
When I began to talk with the folks in Texas about coming to serve as the executive director for Texas Baptists, I really didn’t have any idea about what I was getting into...

New TBC Focus and Leaders for 2003

Texas Baptists Committed will focus its energy in 2003 on promoting missions and religious liberty.
The Priority of Missions
By R. Keith Parks
LONDON—Final question to a candidate trying for qualifcation as a Bobby (policeman): “You hear a car crash and turn the corner to find the Police Inspector unconscious alongside an unconscious women who is not his wife.
The unofficially named “World Missions Network,” founded by Texas Baptists, will quickly become an important missions organization as Texas Baptists seek to bring Jesus Christ to the people of the 21st century, both in Texas and beyond.
By Fred Loper

Good morning! I need to teach you another greeting… At my church you could never get by with only English!

Where is Mission Money Spent?
By Gene Scarborough
I was President of the BSU at Emory University in 1969 when Thomas J.J. Altizer, et al, expoused their “God is Dead” philosophy/theology to the popular press.

New World Missions Network Glocal Vision

Definition Glocal is a word derived from “global” and “local.” The new network will not only be about sending missionaries, but also about the whole church being missional in attitude and in service. Christians can practice missions by serving in their immediate community, the state, the nation and to the ends of the earth.




We have scheduled our annual summer Convocation for Friday and Saturday, July 11-12, 2003, at the Marriott Plaza hotel in San Antonio. Some of you will remember this hotel as our TBC convention hotel in 1995. It is on the Riverwalk and we are getting a great rate of $89.

Our theme this year is “Texas Baptists Committed to Preserving Religious Freedom.” The hotel has requested that ALL reservations be made through the TBC office. To make a room reservation, please e-mail Vicky Trusdle at

We will begin taking reservations on April 1. The hotel will extend the $89 rate for those of you who want to stay over Saturday Night on the Riverwalk in this wonderful, romantic city. The cutoff date for the guaranteed room rate is June 13, 2003.

“In all things, we know that nothing in life or death can separate us from the love of God.”
—Romans 8:38


“Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in
__Romans 12:12

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