December 1999


New BGCT officers
L to R: Clyde Glazener, president; Lorenzo Pena,
first vice president; Bill Ballou, second vice president

BGCT affirms 1963 doctrinal statement 
By Mark Wingfield

EL PASO--Texas Baptists will not go along with changes to the Baptist Faith & Message enacted by the Southern Baptist Convention.
How does it feel when you have taken the Scripture seriously and therefore voiced your understanding of a passage, then told by those who interpret the Scripture differently that "you do not believe the Bible?"
Ephesians 5 has been used often as a club, almost a choke-hold, to force sincere Christian women into submission. Ironically, the passage does not even teach what hierarchialists (also called complementarians) claim it does.
God is at Work!
By Rudy Sanchez
God is at work among Texas Baptists! That would be my final word as I come to my last column as Co-Chair of Texas Baptists Committed.
By Jerold McBride, Co-Chair
El Paso was a wonderful convention. A real spirit of cooperation and excitement about the future was present because Texas Baptists are doing so many good things.
"I cannot have fellowship with those who do not believe the bible is the inerrant word of God, ... who believe in culture over conviction, ... who believe it's all right to murder babies in the womb, ... who believe it's OK to ordain women as ministers and deacons."
A New Member of TBC

Dear Friends in Christ, Please add our names to your mailing list. A relative gave me your September newsletter. Besides the $ 35.00 fee, I have enclosed a contribution for your general fund.

Rumors are spreading that the committee to study the mission programs of the SBC and CBF was brought into existence to justify stopping support of the SBC.
Since the convention TBC has had several calls from churches wanting information about the SBC takeover for their Denominational Relations Committees. As the rhetoric of SBC leaders increases, it will cut two ways.
The neo-Norrisites who captured the Southern Baptist Convention may find their dreams of a greater empire diminished if the Baptist General Convention of Texas next year gives final approval to accepting a constitutional amendment that allows churches from outside the state to join the BGCT.
On special occasions my family and I have gone to family reunions in San Antonio where members of my family have lived for several generations.
Baptists have existed since the early 17th century without a creed. Our appetite for freedom and our celebration of an individual's conscience-driven conclusions has mitigated against ultra-precise, rigidly enforced, theological uniformity.
In 1979, when I first heard about the rising power of fundamentalists in Baptist life, I was saddened and appalled -- but not surprised.
As a concerned American and person of faith and goodwill, I urge all candidates for public office including candidates for President of the United States, US Senate and House of Representatives, governorships, and state and local offices, to implement and honor the following Framework of Civility.
Reading about the Texas Baptists meeting in El Paso, I was reminded of a favorite Will Rogers quote: “I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.”
The Irony of Falwell
By Mike Chancellor

Those who appreciate irony will love this! Recently, Jerry Falwell, an Independent Baptist turned Southern Baptist pastor, met with 200 gay rights activists at his Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Thoughts about FBC Dallas
By Charles C. McLaughlin
It was a sad day for me when I read about FBC Dallas essentially pulling out from its support of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. However, I was not surprised.
Protests by a Wichita Falls layman resulted in classroom distribution of controversial materials sharply criticizing the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.



Because of the controversies surrounding the past and anticipated future changes of the Baptist Faith and Message (BFM) by the Southern Baptist Convention, we believe many of our readers might be interested in a book that expounds on this subject. In 1997, Smyth & Helwys published a book that we recommend: Sacred Mandates of Conscience: Interpretations of The Baptist Faith and Message, edited by Jeff B. Pool. Contributors include N. Larry Baker, Molly T. Marshall, Bill J. Leonard, Warren McWilliams and William R. Estep.

Charles Wade speaks to Texas Baptists Leaders

The Danger of
Removing Doubt

“It is interesting that there is a close
correlation between political and religious
conservatism … If one can be sure, without the possibility of doubt, regarding his view of Scripture, then he can be equally sure in enforcing his view in the society as a whole. With God on his side there is nothing that will be spared in the name of ‘the laws of
God and men.’ … Literalism always means
the removal of doubt in religion, and thus enables the believer to justify all kinds of political oppression in the name of God and country.”

(C. Eric Lincoln, The Black Experience
in Religion, 1974, pp. 118-19)


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