October 1999


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David R. Currie,
Executive Director


By Henlee Barnette
Recently a seminary Board of trustees dismissed the president for "misappropriation of anger." It is reported that "expressions of anger had "irreparably damaged his ability" to lead the seminary. 
Wade was among the organizers of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a denomination-like organization formed in 1991 in protest of the Southern Baptist Convention's leadership, and was co-chairman of the steering committee for the CBF's 1992 general assembly, a member of the CBF's Coordinating Council from 1991-94 and a program leader at the 1999 CBF general assembly in Birmingham, Ala.
When David Currie (whom I consider to be a contemporary Baptist prophet) asked me to write an article for the Texas Baptists Committed Newsletter I gladly consented.  It is my first opportunity to do so.
It was an honor to serve on the Baptist General Convention of Texas' search committee for our new executive director.
By Rudy Sanchez
It has been 14 years since the Baptist General Convention of Texas held its annual meeting in El Paso. In 1985, my beloved friend, Dr. Charles P. McLaughlin, had a retirement celebration after many years as our director of State Missions. 
Jimmy Garcia III, Ethnic Missions Coordinator for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, will be the speaker for the eleventh annual Texas Baptists Committed breakfast.

Dear Friends, Many of you are aware of considerable changes in our  circumstances in  the past year.  We feel the need to give you, our  family and friends, a detailed  explanation of what has been going on and why.

My friend Al Shackleford called me last week. We talk several times a year, but generally have a conversation around July 17 each year.
At TBC we have heard of fundamentalist  pastors setting the rules for the congregation and asking long standing Sunday School teachers for their immediate resignations (mainly women who were teaching when men happen to be in attendance),

I am part of mainstream Missouri Baptists because  they must stand up and openly resist the  misguided efforts of those in our state who,  apparently without any pang of  conscience, would impose their religious convictions  and conduct upon  the rest of us under the guise of claiming that  "it's only the way every  good Baptist thinks and acts."

”I reach out my arms to all who care about Texas and want to do God’s work in Texas,”


Vote for These BGCT Leaders: Glazener, Peña and Ballou

Clyde Glazener, pastor of Gambrel Street Baptist in Fort Worth;

Lorenzo Peña
, director of missions for El Paso Baptist Association; and

Bill Ballou
, minister with adults and senior adults at First Baptist Church in Abilene; will be nominated as officers of the Baptist General Convention of Texas at the annual convention in El Paso, November 8-9, 1999.


By William M. Tillman, Jr.

T. B. Maston died in May 1988.  He came in 1920 as a student to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.  Later, he joined the faculty.

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