February 1997


By H. Leon McBeth
Dr. W.B. Barnes taught Baptist history at Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth for over forty years.
Occasionally we receive a letter encouraging us at TBC to be careful about being involved in secular politics. We appreciate these five or six letters through the years and could not agree more.
Jerold McBride, pastor of First Church, San Angelo, and Bill Brian, an attorney from Amarillo, have been named co-chairs of Texas Baptists Committed, succeeding Dean Dickens of Dallas and Mauriece Johnston of San Antonio.

(by Associated Baptist Press)

Broadcast journalist Bill Moyers applauded efforts by moderate Texas Baptists in recent years to thwart takeover attempts of their convention by “fundamentalists.”
Southern Baptists of Texas will continue their quest to gain control of the Baptist General Convention of Texas at least one more year.

State Conventions Will Determine Outcome

Fundamentalism and Christian integrity are poles apart. Since the days of Jesus’s sojourn on earth, people have been drawn to one or the other.
There is a word that describes the core values of Texas Baptists Committed. The term is “Conservative.”

At TBC, we are seldom shocked at actions by fundamentalists, but we think the mailing by Criswell College as a part of their 25th anniversary fundraising campaign probably “tops the charts in lack of gratitude.”

What’s In A Name?
By Bill Perdue

Here’s how the conversation began: “Pastor, when are we ever going to elect a conservative president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas?

Why Mentor at TBC?
by Brent Beasley
One of the components of the M.Div. degree at Truett Seminary is the mentoring program.



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We have received several letters from persons concerned that the tape of Bill Moyers speech is missing a part of the introduction. They are correct and we wish we could do something about it. We cannot and we are sorry.

The person taping the speech should have turned the tape over and started a new side when Moyers started. They did not. So, right after he starts talking, the tape is stopped, turned over, and you miss part of his introductory remarks. Charlotte, Charles and Bill Ballou did not do it.

We learned a lesson. In the future, we will make sure the person recording our breakfast speaker starts a new tape with the introduction of the speaker.

The message is still wonderful!





Another Interesting Quote


1997 TBC Annual Convocation Moves To August

The date for the TBC Annual Convocation, which has been held in the previous years in June, has been scheduled for August 1–2, 1997.

Plan now to be in Austin for this meaningful time of fellowship and inspiration.

The theme for the convocation is “Texas 2000: Being Spiritually Prepared.” We will focus on spiritual formation and being the kind of people who can make the Texas 2000 emphasis a success.

The meeting will begin Friday evening and conclude Saturday at noon. The convocation and other related meetings will be at the Sheraton in downtown Austin.

Call the Sheraton at 512-480-8181 for room reservations and request Texas Baptist Committed block of rooms for the $85 rate.


Announcing the second annual continuing education workshop for preaching ministers…
Preaching Practicum
May 7–9, 1997

Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

…featuring host preachers/facilitators
Allen Walworth
Park Cities Baptist Church

George Mason
Wilshire Baptist Church

and guest leader
William J. Carl, III
Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Dallas

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