April 1995


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David R. Currie,
Executive Director

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: Meanness is not a Fruit of the Spirit

Waco, Texas—Baylor University President Herbert H. Reynolds named Dr. Russell H. Dilday as interim dean of the university’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, subject to full Board of Regents’ approval on March 24.
Let’s begin with a quiz with some familiar photographs seen often in the news. What does this man have in common with this man?
Folks often go to great lengths to pretend that everything is “well,” “good,” “couldn’t be better,” or “normal.”
It is with gratitude that I have accepted the opportunity to serve a co-chair of Texas Baptist Committed along with Dean Dickens.
We are SBC FMB representatives in an Asian country. We have followed with dismay the continuing disintegration of trust and cooperation that continues to afflict our national as well as state conventions.
Several Texas churches have lessened their support of the BGCT, most notably First Baptist, Dallas, (O.S. Hawkins pastor) and Coggin Avenue Baptist, Brownwood, (John Avant pastor).
The Executive Committee of Texas Baptists Committed has elected Dr. Dean Dickens and Dr. Mauriece Johnston as co-chairs of the organization.
The so-called “Christian Right” is “stronger, more focused, more dangerous than ever,” a Baptist church-state specialist told a Jewish women’s organization in New York January 24.
The Logsdon School of Theology of Hardin-Simmons University is currently accepting students for its new Master of Divinity program, which will begin in the fall of 1995.

by Jim Denison

Some things need to be inerrant.
It is difficult being a pastor at this time in Baptist history.
WHEREAS the woman’s Missionary Union began both the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for foreign missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter offering for home missions; and
The SBC we once knew continues to change. A study committee is recommending that the number of SBC agencies be reduced from 19 to 12.
A recent fundamentalist publication said the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs supports a more contemporary approach to issues of religious liberty while the SBC Christian Life Commission, which now has the religious liberty assignment from the SBC, since it was taken from the Baptist Joint Committee, supports a more historical and traditional position on church/state issues.
The election of Dr. Robert B. Sloan to serve as the next President of Baylor university is good for Baylor and good for Texas Baptists.


We have expanded our Executive Committee to be more inclusive of all Texas Baptists.
We recently completed a survey of our paid members.
Percy H. Bailey
Under the guise of restructuring and conservation the Fundamental Conservative Executive Committee is seeking to impose complete control over the SBC Convention.


“This is just a big preachers fight. I do not pay any attention to it.”

The sin of inaction

In the late 1930s, America chose blindness rather than seeing the horrors being done to innocent men, women and children by Adolph Hitler.
I have read with interest the debate between Frank Stagg and Al Mohler pertaining to the Abstract of Principles of my alma mater, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
The George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University began the new year of 1995 with 54 students who have developed an incredible sense of community as well as commitment to their theological education.


The Texas Conservative Baptist Fellowship has a new name, Southern Baptists of Texas. The choice of the name says a great deal. These people do not understand Baptist polity. It is not top down. Authority and identity starts at the local church. Real Baptists are first of all members of a local church. Local churches affiliate with local associations. Local churches can also affiliate with state conventions and national conventions if they so choose. They do not have to do this. The choice of this name makes it clear what identity these people have. They are first and foremost, Southern Baptists, not local Baptists or Texas Baptists. They want the SBC calling the shots.



In this issue we are trying something dangerous. We are attempting to apply logic to the illogical. Obviously we at TBC do not believe the SBC takeover was needed, helpful, or Christian. In 1979, the SBC was conservative theologically, focused on Bold Mission Thrust, and committed to taking the Gospel to every person in the world. Then the illogical happened. Secular political tactics took over the SBC. Traditional Baptists struggle with making sense of the last 16 years. In this issue we will try to apply logic to inerrancy, the red flag word used to fuel the takeover propaganda machine; fivepoint Calvinism; reduced funding to the BGCT by a minority being treated fairly; the Religious Right; and the plans to reorganize the SBC. Please read the articles carefully and prayerfully. Our hope is that the articles will encourage you to stay committed to traditional Baptist principles and practices.

A Call to Remember

On Wednesday, March 9, 1994, Dr. Russell Dilday was fired as President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by the Board of Trustees. A year has passed since that Black Wednesday. What might the Apostle Paul have written?


Christian right needs a lesson in humility

Intolerance is never the right answer

Reprinted here with the permission of the Dallas Morning News are two excellent articles by columnist Steve Blow. We appreciate the Morning News allowing us to reprint these articles. Doing so does not imply an endorsement of Texas Baptists Committed by the newspaper or Mr. Blow. Mr. Blow is a member of Mimosa Lane Baptist Church in Mesquite. He has been with the Dallas Morning News for 16 years, and a columnist for six years. We find his work to be insightful, thoughtful, Christian, and are excited about giving Texas Baptists (outside the Dallas area) the opportunity to read his fine journalism.

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