March 1998


Just how conservative and exclusive can Southern Baptists afford to become?
“The devil do have all the slick advertising, don’t he?”
I don’t understand my teenage sons. They have short hair.
Our Texas Baptist family is being accosted from many directions.
According to some, the Baptist General Convention of Texas is moving away from the Southern Baptist Convention with such speed that they are forming a new state convention called Southern Baptists of Texas.
Paige Patterson, the theologian who helped engineer a conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention during the 1980s, will be nominated as the convention’s next president.
The name Jerry Falwell is synonymous with preaching, politics and power.
Down in Texas they sing a little tune every time the University of Texas plays football: “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You.”
While, as I stated in last week’s editorial in this space, there may be some disagreement about some things, there is no disagreement on whether Christians should tell the truth.
One of the things I truly believe in is unity among Christians.


“The Southern Baptist Convention met in Dallas this year. It is
going very well. All of our seminaries now have outstanding
presidents who are building great faculties, and the students are
being well-taught. Three problems states remain: Texas, Virginia
and the District of Columbia. It looks as if the liberals in Texas
have plans to expand and create a new national Convention which will rival the Southern Baptist Convention. This could be very destructive to Southern Baptist work. We pray that it does not happen. The Texas Baptists Convention this fall was a disaster because conservatives had not done the work necessary to prepare for it. We pray that this will be remedied this coming year.”



“There has to be a change in the direction of the Texas convention.” Dallas Times Herald, June 20, 1987

“Patterson said Southern Baptists will have more and more in common with the new Religious Right. We want an open, pro-life position in all of our institutions and agencies, dealing with both abortion and euthanasia,” Patterson said. Patterson observed that the social agenda had not been a major focus for the fundamental conservatives in the past, although several pointed references to abortion have been made during the convention… “I think it’ll go over nearly as well as the inerrancy thing.”
The Baptist Messenger, June 25, 1986 Southern Baptist
Convention, Atlanta, Georgia




TBC Welcomes New

Rudy Sanchez, pastor, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Dallas, will be the new co-chair of TBC for 1998 serving with Jerold McBride.
Rudy was pastor of Hispanic churches in
Brady, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth and Houston.

Rudy is married to Ruth and has five children.

He has served as president of Hispanic
Baptist Convention of Texas, second-vice
president of the BGCT and member of the
State Missions Commission of the BGCT.

He is a graduate from Howard Payne
University and Southwestern Seminary. TBC is honored and excited about the privilege of
working with Rudy in this capacity.

Interesting Quote from Herschel Hobbs

Hobbs wrote: “So in reality Baptists are the most broad-minded of all people in religion. They grant to every man that he shall be free to believe as he wants. But they insist upon the same right for themselves. The moment that a Baptist seeks to coerce another person—even another Baptist— in matters of religion, he violates the basic belief of Baptists.”


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