April 1999


Blame it on Baptists
By: Michael Clingenpeel
Last November Kenneth L. Woodward, a reporter for Newsweek, penned an analysis of President Clinton's bizarre personal behavior.
False Representation Catalyst for Conflict
Reflections on Roger Moran's Arguments Against CBF
By: Charlie McLaughlin
The problem with mishandled conflict within a church is how it distracts the energy of the church away from its true purpose and mission.
Is Judgementalism Idolatrous?
By: Colleen Taylor Martin
I believe the answer is unequivocally a "yes."  I believe it is one of the worst forms of idolatry because of its nature of mean-mindedness, tight control, narrow definitions and slander both insidious and outright.
Summer Opportunities
By: Rudy Sanchez
This summer offers many important events for our Baptist work with Hispanics in Texas.
Texas Plan Producing Great Results
Co-Chair Thoughts from Jerold McBride
Some of the happiest years of my ministry were the years I served in Oklahoma. Two of the finest churches in the state gave me the privilege of being their pastor-- the First Baptist Churches of Chickasha and Ponca City.
Don’t Submit to This
Joel C. Gregory
What happens to Baptists happens to Texas.
I’m really not against the family — honest. Just ask my (wonderful) wife of 18 years and my three (great) kids.


Texas 2000: Kingdom of God
Texas Baptist Committed Annual Convocation
San Angelo Convention Center
July 16-17, 1999

Schedule of Events

Friday, July 16

6:00 P.M.. Session One, Banquet

  • The Role of the Church in the Kingdom of God

  • Paul Powell - Biblical Perspectives on the Kingdom of God, James Shields

  • The Role of the Family in the Kingdom of God, Ellis Orozco,

9:00 P.M..  Dessert Fellowship and Concert


Saturday, July 17

7:00 A.M.  Texas Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Breakfast

  • "The Role of Baptist Principles in the Kingdom of God"

  • Gary Parker 9:00 A.M. Session Two  The Role of Christian Higher Education in the Kingdom of God, Gary Cook

  • The Role of Social Ministries in the Kingdom of God, Ken Hall

10:00 A.M. break

10:30 A.M.  The Kingdom of God in Many Faces," Patty Lane

  • The Role of Missions and Evangelism in the Kingdom of God, Dean Dickens

11:30 A.M. Adjourn





Paul Powell to Be Keynote Speaker
1999 TBC Annual Convocation
July 16-17, San Angelo, Texas

Paul Powell, former Executive Director for the Southern Baptist Convention Annuity Board, will keynote the 1999 Texas Baptists Committed Convocation in San Angelo, July 16-17.  The Kingdom of God will be the theme for this year's convocation. 

The convocation is always a non-political event.  We do not discuss the convention controversy.  The purpose of the convocation is to provide a break during the year to give our supporters a 24-hour dose of fellowship, encouragement and spiritual direction. 



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