September 1996


Articles By
David R. Currie,
Executive Director


Southern Baptist political rassling in most places is dull lately.

Beyond Animal Instinct

In recent weeks, America felt good about Chicago’s favorite gorilla and her protective mothering instincts in caring for the young child who fell into the gorilla pen.
When I was a little boy, I remember times when my Dad would take me to the annual meeting of the Mexican Baptist Convention (MBC).
Every year I feel a sense of spiritual urgency about the importance of the Mary Hill Davis Offering for State Missions.

Eulogy for Barbara Jordan
By Bill Moyers

In celebration of the life of Barbara Jordan, 1936-1996, one of the memorial services for her was held on Sunday afternoon, January 28 at the University of Texas in Austin.

Grateful for State Missions
By Rudy Camacho

When I was asked if I would write an article concerning the Mary Hill Davis Offering for State Missions, I became excited since I do have a testimony to give.
Louisiana College faculty members are in open rebellion over the board of trustees’ rejection of a teaching applicant, a vote some say is “an assault on academic freedom” at the Baptist school in Pineville, La.

Dear David: After receiving your letter of July 26th and its request for increased funding for TBC, I felt a need to respond in total support of your request.

We are a company of committed Christians concerned about the growing inclination among many Americans to despise government and detest those who govern.
by Dr. Mark Waters
While I prefer to use this column to speak words that are pastoral and healing, sometimes hard words must be spoken.



At a Texans Against Gambling meeting in Dallas, September 9, an interesting statement was made at the conclusion of the meeting. A man stood and asked if there
were others in attendance who were not members of Prestonwood (where the meeting was held). Many raised their hands, as TBC supporters were in attendance.
The man then announced that persons who wanted to be a part of a movement to “takeover and positively influence”
the BGCT the way we did the SBC, should come and talk to him.

So if you are wondering if the fundamentalists are working, the answer is yes. They have announced their full slate of

Also, as an executive board member of Texans Against Gambling (TAG), I can assure readers that TAG is not involved in the denominational controversy. TAG works with all who oppose gambling. DRC



Bill Moyers To Speak At Breakfast

Bill Moyers - broadcaster, journalist, former deputy director of the Peace Corps, press secretary to Lyndon B. Johnson, Baptist preacher - will be the speaker for the eighth annual Texas Baptists Committed breakfast.

The breakfast will be at 7:00 a.m., Tuesday, November 12, in the Fort Worth Convention Center


John Baugh Writes Enlightening Book

John Baugh, layman, from Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, and TBC Executive Board member, has written a fascinating book relating to events in the SBC over the last 18 years. The book is titled The Battle for Baptist Integrity: Moral Soundness Must Be Restored in Baptist Life!


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