November 2003


Help Keep Our Missionaries on the Field
By John Hall and Greg Warner
DALLAS (ABP) — Texas Baptists may soon have a way for churches and individuals to provide financial support to former SBC missionaries who were terminated or resigned over the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
By Doug Weaver
I have joked to friends that when the history of the takeover of the Georgia Baptist Convention is written, my story will be a footnote on the page that describes the forced resignation of Bill Neal from the Christian Index.
For 95 years the Baptist World Alliance has provided a sense of community for the Baptists of the world.
The loss of 43 missionaries — including 13 who were fired — represents the largest mass exodus in the history of the SBC’s International Mission Board.
Earlier this year our pastor at Milledge Avenue Baptist Church, Edward Bolen asked another church member and me to help him organize a Baptist Heritage Sunday.

The Halfway Place
By Gene Scarborough

Many know of Abraham, but few know his father, Terah. I ask, “Why?” The answer comes in looking at the map of their journey.
Two institutional presidents and a pastor will be nominated for officers of the Baptist General Convention of Texas at the annual session in Lubbock November 10-11.
Prior to the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church refused to allow laity to read the Bible, believing that laity were incapable of understanding the text, and were susceptible to heresy if they tried to read and interpret the Bible for themselves.
Who Controls the Bible?
By Lavonn D. Brown
It’s a bothersome question. After all, we do want a Bible that is trustworthy.



“To know the will of God is the greatest knowledge!

To do the will of God is the greatest achievement.”

–George W. Truett



Undaunted Missionaries

Missionaries Terminated by the IMB for Refusing to Sign the 2000 BF&M Creed.

Larry & Sarah Ballew

Mary Katherine Campbell

Rick & Nancy Dill

Ron & Lydia-Barrow Hankins

David & Susan Dixon & Family

Leon & Kathy Johnson

Francis & Ted York

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