October 1997


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David R. Currie, Executive Director

Living in the Real World

As former and current presidents of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, we are very familiar with the leadership, institutions and programs of the BGCT.

E/E Committee Report
Texas Baptists as Future Oriented—Trend Setting

Laymen and laywomen across Texas can take encouragement that a bright future lies ahead for our BGCT as carefully outlined in the Report of the Effectiveness/Efficiency Committee.

Hispanic leaders encourage support of the E\E Committee Report

The Effectiveness/Efficiency Report has encouraged many Hispanic Baptist leaders in our convention because it will compliment Vision 2000 objectives.
The longtime reference librarian at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was fired Sept. 26, apparently because he wrote a personal letter questioning statements made in a chapel address by Southern Baptist Convention President Tom Elliff.
I strongly support the E/E Committee report. This report reaffirms the freedom of the individual and the autonomy of each Baptist entity including the BGCT.
In the 16th chapter of John, Jesus spoke to His disciples regarding his impending death and the coming of the Holy Spirit. He told the disciples, “I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.”
Two Southern Baptist pastors have been disqualified as adjunct instructors for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary because of connections with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
The battle for the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention ended several years ago. Conservatives bested moderates in a winner-take-all contest.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary apparently has avoided a faculty trial by coming to terms with a professor removed from his classroom for criticizing seminary administrators.
Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas exists to support Baptist mission enterprises through prayer, through giving to mission offerings and through missions education.
The Call to be Pioneers
By Charlie McLaughlin
Texans are often characterized by a pioneer spirit. A pioneer is one who blazes a new trail, a new explorer of a new country, one who is first to investigate and develop a new way of doing things.
The E/E Recommendation is more than a timely document—it is a document for our times.


Vote for These BGCT Leaders:

Russell H. Dilday, former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Jaclanel McFarland, a laywoman from South Main Baptist Church, Houston; and Ed Hogan, pastor of Jersey Village Church, Houston; will be nominated as officers of the Baptist General convention of Texas at the annual convention in Austin, November 10-11, 1997.

Brian L. Harbour, Pastor, FBC, Richardson

Bud Hudgens,
Tallowood Church, Houston

Pat Walker, Amarillo

Pete Freeman,
Pastor, FBC, The Woodlands

Olin F. Davis,
Fort Worth

Howard Batson,
Pastor, FBC, Amarillo

Michael Chancellor, Pastor, Crescent Heights, Abilene

Steven Spivey, Pastor,Woodlake Church, San Antonio

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