July 2000


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Buckle Up:  Turbulence Ahead

A Matter of Perspective
Jesus - Jesus - Jesus

The 1963 BF&M committee chaired by Herschel Hobbs, then pastor of the FBC of OK City, made two significant changes to the 1925 BF&M. First they added a few paragraphs to the preamble to insure that the BF&M would not be used as a binding creed.
"A Document of Exclusion"
By James R. Fuller
Just when I think that our national fundamentalist Southern Baptist leaders couldn't possibly think of anything crazier to do, they surprise me again!
Associations:  Next Stop in Texas
SBC agenda will become local agenda
By Charles C. McLaughlin
When I was growing up I remember the song, "Will the Circle be Unbroken?" For Southern Baptists the circle broke years ago and now we are seeing the circle being drawn in tighter and tighter each year.
The key question is not, “What would Jesus do?” but “What does the Bible say?” Southern Baptists said resoundingly June 14.
COMMENTARY: The Mullins Blip
By William L. Hendricks
After 43 years of teaching Baptist theology to Baptists, I am bemused (and certainly not amused) about some contemporary discussions concerning E.Y. Mullins' place in our Baptist heritage.
By D. Perry Ginn
The adoption by the SBC in Orlando of the 2000 BFM will begin a new step forward in the control strategy for the so-called "conservative resurgence" promoted by Fundamentalists.
The Gospel of John records that a large number of Samaritans from Sychar were making their way toward the Messiah when Jesus focused the attention of his disciples on this group and said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."
Grandmother was a preacher
By Patrick Anderson
My grandmother was a preacher. After she was saved, that is, at the age of 39. Prior to that she ran roadhouses, brothels, and smuggled rum from Cuba.
What makes a Baptist Baptist? The fact that any two Baptists might give different responses in part of the answer.
Let's Talk
By Jaclanel McFarland
It is an honor for me to serve as one of the three chairpersons of Texas Baptists Committed. I am proud to be an active member of TBC and truly believe we would not have a free BGCT without the work of David, Charles and Charlotte and the many members of TBC.
One point I have tried to make is where the office of pastor originated. When I was editor of Biblical Illustrator back in the 80s, I did some research on this that proved interesting.
Every person, male or female, is responsible to God, not human beings, for God's call upon his or her life.
ORLANDO, Fla.-Professors at Southern Baptist Convention seminaries and employees of SBC agencies will be expected to affirm the newly revised Baptist Faith & Message statement, SBC leaders said after the document was adopted by SBC messengers June 14.
SBC's Cultural Retreat
By Robert Parham
Protecting a conservative culture was at the heart of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, not an uncommon move when a religious body perceives itself endangered.
ORLANDO, Fla. (ABP)-Southern Baptists declined to establish a committee aimed at healing fissures between conservatives and moderates in Baptist state conventions.
Almost every speaker that paraded across the stage at the recent Southern Baptist Convention meeting repeated the mantra, "We are people of the Book."
COLUMBIA, Mo. (ABP) - In his strongest remarks on record to date, a longtime missions leader claimed conservatives gained control of the Southern Baptist Convention through deception.
The Bible:  Relic or Record?
by Cyrus B. Fletcher
I have noticed the reverence some hold for certain icons and relics. I am curious and respectful, but I do not establish my theology or state my faith on reverence for relics.
Women as Pastors
By Daniel Vestal
Among the changes to the "Baptist Faith and Message" statement to be recommended to the Southern Baptist Convention in June is the declaration that "the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by scripture." 
The Bible itself displays tension over the issue of women in ministry, and we therefore should not use it as a club to smack down those of differing opinions.


Interesting Quotes

"...This does not mean that Baptists believe that one can believe just anything and be a Christian or a Baptist. The competency of the soul in religion entails the authority of the Scriptures and the lordship of Jesus Christ. The priesthood of believers grants to every Christian the right to read and interpret the Scriptures for himself as he is led by the Holy Spirit. But said interpretation must be in harmony with the overall teachings of the Bible. And it must adhere to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, for the Holy Spirit neither contradicts himself nor denies God's revelation in his Son."

-Herschel Hobbs


Only "unspiritual people" would try to amend the report of the committee.

-An unidentified officer, speaking at the conclusion of 
the SBC Pastor's Conference
as reported in the Alabama Baptist - June 22

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