August 1996


On April 11, 1996, Mark Coppenger, president of Midwestern Seminary, used a student body election chapel to make a few impromptu remarks regarding women in ministry.
By Rick McClatchy
A disheartening story was released by ABP on April 23. On April 11, Eliu Camacho-Vasquez, executive director of the Caribbean office of the Home Mission Board, wrote a letter to Tomas Morales, moderator of the Baptist Association of Puerto Rico.
During the past year, many Southern Baptists looking for academic freedom in theological education have turned to Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas.

The “Donald Duck Syndrome”

Could we learn anything from 19-yearold Jimmy McGriff?

Keeping Our Priorities

I wish every one of you could have attended the 1996 Texas Baptists Committed Convocation in Fort Worth. If you had been there, you would understand what Texas Baptists Committed is all about.
As a member of the Credentials Committee for the 1995 BGCT annual meeting in San Antonio, I wanted you to know how the committee handled itself with regard to the contest of seating messengers from the University Baptist Church in Austin.
To be a learner is to be on a quest. A quest begins with a question. Our question was the same as many Baptists. “Where is a good place to eat?”

Fundamentalist-Controlled Newspaper Declines to Print Ad from Moderates

An example of how the fundamentalists control the flow of information and squelch any voice of dissent when they are in complete control occurred in May in Oklahoma.

Fundamentalists Criticize Messenger Seating Committee and Credentials Committee

The latest issue of The Texas Baptist has several articles criticizing the work of the Credentials Committee at last years BGCT annual meeting and the recently completed work of the Messenger Seating Study Committee appointed to study the issue.

James Dunn Responds To His Critics

Some wag called the Baptist Joint Committee an “equal opportunity offender”… sort of a back-handed compliment.
Addressing the relationship between responsible citizenship and a local church is akin to walking through an unmarked minefield to reach a much desired destination.

By Mark Wingfield

I agree with Ronnie Floyd: The Southern Baptist Convention surely could benefit from a God-given dose of spiritual renewal, and a call for prayer and fasting is a step in the right direction.
The Review and Expositor invites you to participate in A NEW VENTURE OF COOPERATION!
The SBC Executive Committee is sending a packet to folks who request information regarding the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
In each election year, it is revealing to observe how the Southern Baptist Convention establishment signals its presidential preferences.

by Charlie C. McLaughlin

Tom Elliff was elected president of the SBC during June’ s convention in New Orleans.
Focusing on Jesus Christ is Christians’ highest priority, Russell Dilday told participants at Texas Baptist Committed’s third annual convocation, May 31–June 1.

The late T.B. Maston, who taught Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary forever, shared the following wisdom in a resource paper on “Women in Ministry” for the Christian Life Commission (SBC).

Southern Baptists of Texas created and filled its first salaried position in a May 14 meeting in Lubbock.
The Gravel Rule
by Mike Clingenpeel
The Southern Baptist Convention and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship are not exactly bosom buddies.

The Rev. Blow Gives a Sermon on the Mouse
by Steve Blow

Hallelujah! Thank you Sister Jones for singing that wonderful special. Wasn’t that a joyful noise?
A takeover of the Republican Party of Wichita County during the 1996 primary election was confirmed at the Republican County Convention on March 30, 1996.
If you want to know how things are now in the Southern Baptist Convention, take a look at this letter from Susi Lockard of Brentwood, TN, which appeared in a recent edition of Baptists Today.
Ronnie Yarber, pastor of Gross Road Baptist Church in Mesquite, is also Administrative Director of Southern Baptists of Texas. Recently he wrote the following in the Texas Baptist newsletter.



The Misunderstood Jesus

Preaching Practicum 1996 Held In Dallas

Dallas, Texas - Preaching Practicum 1996, which took place in Dallas May 7– 10, was conceived and developed by two Dallas pastors, Dr. George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church and Dr. Allen Walworth of Park Cities Baptist Church.

Free and Faithful

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