Several days ago, my secretary mentioned that her young son had placed a collect call home for his mom.
One day in a graduate preaching seminar at the old Southern Seminary, Ken Chafin reflected on Martin Luther King’s life by saying: “Sometimes we get to choose the dragons we fight in life and ministry; other times the dragons choose us.
Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, hit the mark when he said the serninary’s April 17-19 trustee meeting marked a “defining moment” in the history of the school.
“Christian” no longer stands as the dominant modifier for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Southem Baptists will not move forward until they “learn how to love each other as fellow Christians once again.” ethios professor David Gushee told a meeting of American Baptists.
Several years ago at one of the more intense times of conflict in the Southern Baptist Convention, I was impressed about the need to share something positive with those who worked so tirelessly in our institutions.
If it was not actually true, you would never believe the events of the last three months on the campus of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.
The purpose of this chapter is to define, interpret, trace and integrate Baptist beliefs concerning the Reformation precept commonly known as “Priesthood of the Believer “.
Have you heard of the “Wicked Bible?” It was an edition of the King James Version issued in London in 1631.
It is no secret that the name of Christ has been used to promote some peculiar things in this world.

A Prophetic Word from the Past

“Even to the casual observer, it is evident that all Baptists do not dot every “i” and cross every “t” in exactly the same way. There is no such thing as “the Baptist faith” or “the historic Baptist faith.”
These phrases imply a creedal faith, something which Baptist have always avoided. There are certain basic things generally held by Baptist today as through past years. But underlying all of them has been the principle of soul competency in religion.

“At times one hears the prediction that Southern Baptists are about to divide over their faith. In this writer’s judgment this is most unlikely. Baptists have always agreed on basics but have had
their differences on details. This is because they have a living faith rather than a creedal one. The tensions created by these differences have kept their faith vibrant. In all likelihood the only thing that would divide Southern Baptists with regard to their faith would be for one group — to the right or left of center or even in the center — to attempt to force upon others a creedal faith. So long as
they hold to the competency of the soul in religion they will remain as one body in the faith.”

Herschel H. Hobbs,
The Baptist Faith and Message,
Convention Press, 1971, pp. 10-11.




Billy Ray Parmer, pastor of First Baptist,
Valley Mills, and former co-chair of Texas
Baptists Committed, has been awarded the
George W. Truett Distinguished Church Service Award, presented annually by the Baylor Alumni Association.

We want to congratulate Billy Ray on this honor. To us, he is a shining example of a
“real” Baptist. Four times honored as Rural
Minister of the Year for Texas Baptists and
twice for Southern Baptists, Rev. Parmer has been pastor of First Baptist, Valley Mills, since 1969.

His church has helped start and support
six pastors and 28 missions and churches in Old Mexico. He lives and breathes the “main
thing,” missions and evangelism under the
Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We are proud of Billy Ray, his support of
Texas Baptist Committed, the BGCT, and our historic Baptists principles and practices. We want to add our congratulations for this honor.


“True Baptists operate with an upside-down pyramid — the church
is on top, not the denomination — but the crowd in Nashville has turned it right-side up. That may be efficiency but it isn’t Baptist anymore.”

R. G. Puckett, editor, North Carolina Biblical Recorder

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