June 2002


Good afternoon Chairman Houghton and members of the Subcommittee on Oversight. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you my concerns...
Coffee Break
By Ken Coffee
Each month Trinity receives a copy of “The Southern Baptist Texan,” which the new Southern Baptist of Texas Convention sends unsolicited.
Advocates of hanging the Ten Commandments in public buildingsare back.
Virginia Baptists turned out in large numbers at a special called meeting May 10 to launch the next-to-last step in a “Kingdom Advance” vision for unity that would offer options to Baptists across the theological spectrum.
During the week of May 12, 2002, Bill Fudge, the IMB Regional Leader for East Asia, sent the following letter to those Southern Baptist missionaries in his region who have declined to sign the Baptist Faith and Message 2000...
These are great days to be Baptist and to be a Texas Baptist. Texas Baptists Committed is dedicated “to reach people for Christ through local churches...
Music has opened doors for Southern Baptist missionary Charlotte Greenhaw in Recife, Brazil.
Two bills now pending before the U.S. House of Representatives would breach the wall of separation between church and state and, unfortunately, inject political poison into America’s pulpits.
Public Righteousness
By Foy Valentine
Facing the institutionalized unrighteousness of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi evil, Karl Barth in 1938 voiced this prophetic challenge:
Some changes in the updated Baptist Faith and Message are good: its affirmation of traditional marriage, a positive word about race relations, omission of the divisive and politically-charged term “inerrancy,” and its retention of the phrase “church and state should be separate.”
We do not hear much about orthodoxy these days.
The day I had to choose between churches for my first pastorate, the decision was made for me.

Dear Congressman Jones:

Thank you for your leadership in introducing H. R. 2357, the “Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act.”

Four design teams have begun to form to gather more grassroots input for the development of “Kingdom Advance,” an initiative endorsed overwhelmingly on May 10 in Charlottesville at a special called meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia.
By Doyle Sager
Some weird virus must have infected professional baseball and professional Baptists at the same time.




News from the Baptist History and Heritage Society


“Asking people to sign the BF&M would make it a creed. No one is
proposing that be done. And I stand by my statement made during my visit to El Paso, although it was probably unwise for me to make such a
statement since I do not have the authority to prohibit our board from requiring it if they should so choose. Fortunately, that does not seem to be their inclination.”

—Jerry Rankin in a letter to retired missionary Siegfried Enge in 2000.




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