August 2004


Articles By David R. Currie, Executive Director

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE Thinking About This and That


Churches front and center in proposed BGCT strategic plan Adapted from an article by Marv Knox, Baptist Standard
Local churches—not the Baptist General Convention of Texas—command the lion’s share of attention in documents that could guide the state convention through the coming decades.
In the light of recent world events swirling around Islamic extremists, the term “fundamentalism” has become a household word with negative connotations.
A streamlined Baptist General Convention of Texas decision-making structure and an emphasis on accountability are the key ingredients in a historic proposal to reorganize the convention.
David Barton, in his taped presentation called “America’s Godly Heritage,” peddles the proposition that America is a “Christian Nation,” legally and historically.

Upcoming Events of Interest
Tuesday, November 9, 2004
Texas Baptists Committed Breakfast at BGCT
Call TBC offices at 325-659-4102 to make reservations. See page 5 for more details.

February 25-26, 2005 Mainstream Baptist Convocation, Atlanta, GA.
Call TBC offices at 325-659-4102 after December 1 to register. Watch TBC Website for more information.

June 30-July 2, 2005 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly, Grapevine, TX.
To make room reservations in the TBC block call 325-659-4102 before April 1.

The BGCT Executive Board approved a change in the funding formula for distribution of CP contributions designated for “Texas World Missions Initiatives.” The Missionary Transition Fund is being dropped from the list of funded ministries. The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) is being added. The new breakdown: 35% for WorldconneX, 25% for endeavors in Mexico, 20% for Texas Partnerships, 15% for Minnesota/Wisconsin, and 5% for BWA.

The Baptist History and Heritage Society is now taking orders for a new booklet it released in late August titled The Crafts of Preaching and Writing Baptist History by Walter B. Shurden, founding executive director of The Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer University, and Wayne Flynt, distinguished university professor at Auburn University. Baptist preachers, writers, students, and professors will find this to be an excellent and highly practical resource.

To order copies today, simply call 800-966-2278. The per-copy cost is $5.00. Or send an e-mail request to Pam Durso at Give your name, address, and telephone number, and indicate the number of copies you would like.

Baptist Heritage Tour
sponsored by the Texas Baptist Historical Collection
of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Baptist Standard

July 27, 2005

Mainstream Baptist Heritage Tour in
England, July 2005

The Baptist Heritage Council of Georgia invites you to join them
for a Baptist Heritage Tour to England
July 25-August 6, 2005

in conjunction with the Baptist World Alliance Centenary Congress.



Three are Nominated to be BGCT Officers

Albert Reyes

Reyes to be nominated for BGCT president; first non-Anglo in history


Michael Bell

BGCT first vice president nominee encouraged by signs of progress

Stacy D. Conner

Stacy D. Conner to be nominated as Second Vice President

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