October 2003


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David R. Currie, Executive Director

Albert Reyes, president of the Hispanic Baptist Theological School in San Antonio, will be the speaker at the annual Texas Baptists Committed breakfast at 7 a.m., Tuesday, Nov.11, in the Grand Atrium at the Holiday Inn Park Plaza in Lubbock.
International Mission Board President Jerry Rankin recently issued a statement [in Baptist Press] titled Reflections on missionaries’ response to affirming the BaptistFaith and Message.” His purposes appear to be two-fold: (1) to justify recent International Mission Board forced resignations and firings of missionaries who refused to sign the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message; and (2) to prove that the way the IMB used the BF&M is not creedal. He failed on both counts.
Recently one of my church members loaned a marvelous book to me about the making of the King James Version of the Bible.
Biblical Inerrancy
By Henlee Barnette
Muslims believe that the angel Gabriel came to Mohammad in a dream or trance and presented him with a perfect Holy book called the Koran right out of paradise.
On July 21, 2003 eight people from our congregation, Cross Roads Baptist Church, traveled over ten hours south to the Rio Grande Valley for a week of missions.
Baptist Internet discussion forums draw a variety of participants who have a multitude of differing opinions.
I Teach Men
By a Foreign Missionary
I am a woman in the SBC, I teach men, and have done so for the last sixteen years.
Jerry Rankin and I have a lot in common.
Recently some Baptist preachers were arrested for acts of civil disobedience.
RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—Asking Southern Baptist missionaries who serve with the International Mission Board to affirm that their work and personal convictions are compatible with what their sponsoring denomination believes has been an interesting process.
I am enjoying James L. Haley’s Sam Houston, the very readable and fascinating account of the life of the Commander-in-Chiefof the Texas Revolutionary Army and President of the Republic of Texas, friend of Baptist preachers George Washington Baines and Rufus Burleson.
After working for about 11 years away from Texas, it is good to be here among Texas Baptists.
Preamble: The original three languages of the Bible make no distinction between faith and believing since they have only one word to use.
The Truth about Roy’s Rock
By Randall Balmer
Much to the consternation of some, Roy’s Rock, the two-and-one-half-ton monument emblazoned with the Ten Commandments, has been relocated to a storage area in the Alabama Judicial Building.
By Charles M. North and Carl R. Gwin
TBC’s 2003 Annual Convocation focused on the theme of religious freedom.

Where do the Ten Commandments belong?
By J. Brent Walker

In the emotionally volatile debate over whether “Roy’s Rock” should stay in the Alabama State Judicial Building, one supporter of the display vowed, “they’ll never be able to remove it from our hearts.”
Paraphrasing Pete Seeger’s famous folk tune from the ’60s, I want to pose the question: “Where have all the Baptists gone?


“Leave the matter of
religion to the family
altar, the church and
the private school
supported entirely by
private contributions.
Keep the church and
state forever
— Ulysses S. Grant

118th BGCT Annual Meeting Nov. 10–11 “Lubbock 2003”

The BGCT annual session will be held in Lubbock Nov. 10-11.

Exhibits open and early registration begins at 3 p.m., Sunday, November 9 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. Early arrivals may register between 3:00-6:00 p.m. Registration resumes at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, November 10, in the Civic Center.

Messengers are elected by constituted, cooperating churches. All messengers must be members of the church by which they are elected. A messenger must be enrolled at the convention to be qualified to vote.

Elected messengers should bring official messenger certification cards, signed by their local pastor, church clerk or moderator. In addition, messengers must present a valid driver’s license or other identification to receive ballots and other convention materials.

Any additional questions on messenger or convention information may be directed to Patti Kriss at (214-828-5232) or on the Baptist General Convention of Texas website,

The convention begins with the first breakout session at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning, November 10, and adjourns at the close of Tuesday morning’s session.

The annual meetings of Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas and Texas Baptist Men will take place on Sunday afternoon.

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