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A Tie that No Longer Binds
 by Robert K. Fowler
As my church, South Main in Houston, prepared for what would be an overwhelming vote in January to end officially its almost one-hundred-year relationship with the SBC, I had the opportunity to reflect on my own family's long involvement as Southern Baptists. 
Baptists carry labels and assign them to others that characterize and define the day in which we live. The rhetoric of those in leadership can be both confusing and disturbing as evidenced in Southern Baptist life. 
Another Southern Baptist Convention splinter group opposed to its conservative/fundamentalist leadership is taking shape
A breakaway Southern Baptist state convention is seeking "fraternal" relationships with agencies and institutions of the Baptist General Convention of Texas to allow churches to pass funds to those entities through the alternative state group.
Bill and Dellanna O'Brien, two famous names in Baptist life, along with Keith Parks, will highlight the annual TBC Convocation to be held in Dallas, July 20-21, 2001.
Roger Moran insists he did not set out to influence anybody in Texas about anything.
Herbert H. Reynolds, president emeritus of Baylor University was elected Chairman of the Board of Texas Baptists Committed during the annual meeting earlier this year.

Some conservatives join N.C. Mainstream Steering Committee
By Steve De Vane

Several conservative North Carolina Baptists, including one who holds an elected office with Carolina Conservative Baptists (CCB), have agreed to serve on the Mainstream Baptists of North Carolina (MBNC) steering committee.
The big Baptist controversy has now arrived at almost every local Texas Baptist church. Many pastors and key lay persons are unhappy about it.
William B. Johnson, by any measure, was a mighty, towering Baptist influence in the 19th century.

Thoughts on supporting the Southern Baptists of Texas
By Jerold McBride

I am sad to see any church stop supporting the Baptist General Convention of Texas because as Texas Baptists, we are doing some wonderful things for the Kingdom of God.


Thoughts on North Carolina

David Currie, executive director of TBC, said, "We are excited to see the mainstream movement in North Carolina gaining conservative support. It is our belief that all Texas conservatives and fundamentalists without a control agenda should also be a part of TBC work here in Texas.

"We invite all Texas Baptists who respect each other's differences and cooperate together for the cause of Christ to join TBC."

Bob Webb Letter

Crossing the Line...
Chronological Overview
of Fundamentalist takeover of SBC

Texas CBF Breakfast July 21


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