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May 1998
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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: What Will Identify Us as Texas Baptists?

Chunking Rocks: John 8:1-11

Note on Editorial Policy



Why We Left Fundamentalism to Join Southern Baptists
by Luther Peak

Reprinted from the Baptist Standard - originally pubished in the April 7, 14, 21, & 28 issues in 1956

Read David R. Currie's introduction to this series in
Luther Peak: Speaking the Truth Forty Years Ago

SBC Growth Slows as Texas Soars

The Wall Street Journal reported in an article on American religion that the Southern Baptist Convention, “whose membership increased so quickly in the 1970s that it emerged as the country’s largest religious organization outside the Roman Catholic Church … has seen the rate dip, to about one-half of 1 percent or less from 1994 to 1997.”

The Baptist General Convention of Texas grew at 1.% in 1994-95, compared to SBC growth of .03%, and at 1.6% in 1995-96, compared to SBC growth at .02%. Would the SBC be losing members if not for the growth of the BGCT which is counted in SBC totals?

It is interesting to note that one of the reasons given to justify the Fundamentalist takeover of the SBC was that the SBC of the 1970s was led by liberals who did not believe in evangelism and church growth. Now the SBC, with Fundamentalist leadership, is barely growing while the BGCT, led by people being branded liberals by Southern Baptists of Texas, continues
to grow.

A Christian Position of Phonics?
by Rev. Kyle Childress
. . . . . A call for Christians to begin focusing on things that Jesus talked about

A Contrast in Leadership Styles
. . . . . Comparing the cooperative leadership of the BGCT with the exclusionary leadership of the SBC

A Little Ironic, Don't You Think?
. . . . . A look at the failure of SBT churches to match their mouths with their money

An Exciting Time to Be Baptist
by Jerold McBride
. . . . . What excites Jerold McBride about the ministries of the BGCT

An Interesting Outline of Galatians
by John Field
. . . . . A look, through the lens of Galatians, at the Fundamentalists - the Judaizers of our day

Asking God for Ice Cream
by Dr. Mark Waters
. . . . . A modern-day parable of grace overcoming legalism

Blessing the Unblessable
by Douglas Ezell
. . . . . Knowing that God has accepted us - warts and all - helps us to accept ourselves

Casualties of Conflict
by Charles C. McLaughlin
. . . . . Trying to make peace with Fundamentalists is like trying to negotiate with a train that just blows its whistle at you as it takes another hard turn to the far right

Jerry Falwell to Speak at Conference
by Steve DeVane
. . . . . Some Southern Baptists are upset that independent Baptist Jerry Falwell will be appearing at Ridgecrest Conference Center this summer

Political Wedding Proposed
by Laurie Goodstein
. . . . . Consummating the marriage of the SBC to the Republican Party

Rewriting History!
. . . . . Evidence disproves the claim that Southern Baptists have historically embraced the doctrine of biblical inerrancy

SBC Appointments Remain Exclusive
by Toby Druin
. . . . . Those in charge of the SBC brook no opposition and take care of their own

Significance of Fundamentalist Theology on Southern Baptist Convention Takeover
by William H. Stephens
. . . . . The distinguishing doctrines of Fundamentalism

Southern Baptists of Texas Look to November
by Toby Druin
. . . . . The Southern Baptists of Texas convention will hold its constitutional convention the afternoon and evening of Nov. 10 in Houston

The Jesus Principle: A Book Review
by Dan Williams
. . . . . The Jesus Principle, written by Charles Wade, combines a biblical theology and an ecclesiology that is helpful in defining and establishing the method of operation for the church

The Leadership Challenge
by Rudy Sanchez, Co-Chair
. . . . . Some good leaders have been buried under the earthliness of being in control rather than rejoicing in the paradise of servanthood. The best examples of leadership are found in the Word of God.