Date Author Title
January 29 Chad R. Chaddick Why I Said "Yes" to TBC
February 12 James Hassell Why I Chose to Serve on the TBC Board
March 4 J. Brent Walker The Christian American Citizen
March 11 Debbie Ferrier Hispanic Baptist LeadersPreparing the Field for a Texas Baptist Harvest
April 1 Michael Bell Racial ReconciliationTaking It Step by Step
May 13 Joy Fenner Religious Liberty Depends on a Free Press
July 22 Bill Jones Asking You to Partner with Texas Baptists Committed
September 9 Charles W. Deweese Ten Suggestions for Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Baptist Beginnings
October 10 J. Brent Walker Donate Now, and Double Your Money!
October 17 David Sallee Academic Freedom at Baptist Colleges and Universities
October 24 Paul Kenley Guarding the House
October 31 Bill Jones BJC Center for Religious Liberty - $59,000 Needed Today to Reach Matching Campaign Goal
December 2 John D. Pierce The Caboose of Christianity
December 18 Phil Lineberger Whose Texas? Whose Influence?
December 23 Bill Jones The Message of Christmas: Then Neither Do I Condemn You
January 27 John D. Pierce Decatur Church Could Face More GBC Wrath
February 4 Ken Hall Doers of the Word
April 1 Bill Jones Christian Ethics - A Required Course for Christians
April 17 Wesley Shotwell Texas Baptists - A Network, Not a Denomination
April 23 Mitch Randall Returning the Church to Our True Calling
May 20 Bill Jones Hunger a Moral Outrage - How Will We Respond?
(reflections on the 2009 Currie-Strickland Lectures in Christian Ethics)
June 29 Charlie Johnson Disfellowship and Dismay
August 6 Ellis Orozco Poverty and the Baptist Legacy in the World
August 7 Mitch Randall Time for Baptists to Think Big, Act Big, and Lead Big
August 7 Sarah Stewart There Is Work to Be Done
August 7 Wade Burleson A Personal Confession - A Public Challenge
September 30 Bill Jones David Currie - A Legacy of Investing in People