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Jan 9 Starting New Again
Jan 21 How Dreams Turn Into History
Feb 3 Is Our Loyalty to Christ . . . or Creed?
Feb 12 Sharing the Light
Feb 20 Keeping the BGCT Inclusive
Feb 25 Grateful for Good Preaching
Mar 5 TBC Partnering with the BGCT in Upcoming Meetings
Mar 13 Making Foolishness Real
Mar 20 Making Foolishness Real, part 2
Mar 30 Making Foolishness Real, part 3
Apr 9 Making Foolishness Real, part 4
Apr 24 The Certitude Disease
May 1 Celebrating the Past and Looking to the Future
May 8 Spring - A Time of Hope and Rebirth
May 15 Inspired by Hope for the Future
May 21 Caring for the Poor as Jesus Did
May 29 Serving Their Churches and Communities: Small-Church Pastors
June 5 Our Baptist Family: Sharing Our Lives with Each Other
June 12 Lost or Found or Any Whichway
June 26 Sharing Is Healthy and Christian
July 9 Normal People Partnering with God to Change the World
July 23 Walter Cronkite - Earning Our Trust, in Kinship with Trusted Baptist Journalists
Aug 4 What a Blessed Life - The Grace of God
Aug 14 Life and Death and Fear All Around - Yet Jesus Is With Us
Aug 28 Unity for the Cause of Christ
Sept 4 Clunkers, Frustrations, and Truth-Telling
Sept 18 Getting Rid of the "Junk in the Middle" - and Focusing on Jesus
Sept 23 TBC - Meeting the Challenges of a New Day