David R. Currie
A Rancher's Rumblings
October 16, 2007


This week, I want to share an urgent prayer request with you. Right now, this concern takes precedence over any other matters about which I had planned to write.

Dr. Gary Cook, president of Dallas Baptist University (DBU)—my friend, as well as a friend to many of you—was diagnosed with leukemia last week.

Following is information provided on the DBU Web site at http://www.dbu.edu/pr/:

Prayer Needed for DBU President Gary Cook
DBU President Dr. Gary Cook was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on Friday, October 12, and he was hospitalized as soon as they discovered the problem.

AML is a form of leukemia which is very aggressive, and once someone is discovered with this disease, they are required to begin treatment immediately.

He will be undergoing treatment for the next several months; however, for the next month, he will remain in the hospital.

On Sunday, October 14, they began his first round of chemotherapy.

Unlike other forms of cancer, AML does not necessarily have stages associated with it, and it is still very early in the process to know what the overall diagnosis is.

He is in good hands, and he is being treated by some very capable doctors.

Early test results seem to indicate that the particular form of AML that he has will respond well with treatment.  Also, since Dr. Cook has remained in such good shape over the years, we are very optimistic about his treatment and recovery.

The DBU Web site is posting an update on Dr. Cook’s condition daily.

Through the years, Dr. Cook has been a good friend to TBC and a strong supporter. He spoke at our annual convocation when it met here in San Angelo a few years ago. A couple of years ago, he invited me to speak in Chapel at DBU. I was honored.

He is a man of great class and integrity, and Texas Baptists need his influence for years to come. Please pray for Dr. Cook and his family.